Hand/Wrist Surgery

  1. Keep the splint and dressing clean and dry.
  2. Keep the splint on your wrist at all times, unless otherwise instructed.
  3. To reduce swelling and pain:
    1. Elevate your affected hand above your heart 15-30 minutes per hour while awake.
    2. Ice the affected hand/wrist after elevating.
  4. Wiggle the fingers of your affected hand several times per day to prevent stiffness.
  5. Take post-operative medication as needed/prescribed.
  6. Schedule your follow-up appointment for 7-10 days from surgery.
    1. West Allis office – 414-328-8600
    2. Brookfield office – 262-780-4400
    3. West Wood office – 262-928-8600

If you develop any problems, please call your surgeon’s administrative assistant to contact the doctor.

If problems arise after 5:00pm, please call the office main number. The recording will advise you how to reach the orthopedic surgeon on call.